IT WAS MARVELOUS to see you all on tour, old friends and new . as you know rattlesnake valentine is out and we are working on other NEW songs. in the meantime enjoy RV the song but also the very stylish variations in soft plush Tee shirt form and REPRESENT. (click on BOUTIQUE to purchase<3) 

we will play more shows in the PNW as per overwhelming demand. promise

keep the vibes weird and high sweet peas. 




3/14 log log log 

my DEAR tuesday thoughts and feelings,

what have i done list?

  1. rollerskated. 2. almost puked, because had just eaten prior to the skating. 3. booked more showsss.
  2. 4. excited to see you all on the road. also painting my ceiling next weekend. stay tuned for black paint stories and glitter adventures. 

here is THE part one of the DOOM CANDY tour. also know that on 3/25 we play at HIGH WATER MARK with Desir and KAREN CASKETS . secretly we also play Lollipop Shoppe on 4/2 . but WE STILL have to wait for our VINYL RECORDS TO ARRIVE. so you cant have them until then. a pre-order shortly!!!!!! I hope you have been well . im still upset about OHIO. it makes me cry and retch and crawl . however. IT IS IMPORTANT TO BE ON A LIGHT FOOTED NOTE /TRANSMISSION HERE DURING THIS BIG STEP FOR COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS SAKE. AND MORE. 


WOULD YOU accept candy from me? which show are you coming to? at music millenium i will throw candy upon your heads and you can get your record signed and keep it like an investment. <3

 love you all. 

Miss Dynamite

JAN 23 23 


NEWS. first off. coffee can be dangerous depending on your ability to handle complicated heart rhythms.

also. PENNY TRUXX . NEW SINGLE from mini album that is upcoming. up and coming, coming up and at you will be out the same day as our fabulous show at The SIX. so come celebrate.. dress festive and bring balloons 

have surprise for you that day.

the track will premier on WHOA THiS IS HEAVY on freeformpdx. thank you GEOFF for that. 

also at The Six below midnight you will hear it mastered and also performed.

what more can you ask for?

oh one of a kind merch for sale? yip yip ! i hope you like neon. 

im feeling the vibe of the new mini record. its like neurosis meets my bloody valentine. thats the frequency its giving me. im very pleased with how mystery man Jeffy mixed it and recorded it using the most modern technology but also analogued it as one should. also we found a guy who does really great mastering. but this is all boring details that as a listener you dont think about . so anyway. skating season is upon us and so is penny truxx the full sung sing song. Remember how we used to perform it with not much lyrical action? well just you wait! 

love you all my sweet hearted balloon animals.




HELLO frens

today IS TUESDAY. the FM came back to PNW. from LA. studio was good to us. Jeff was amazing. Here i am updating the website because lets face it, i have never. so now i will post more. I am adding merch , PLUS limited edition items that we make ourselves. as we are the hardest working bubblegum doom band in the bizz. also let me tell you we have one more show before 2022 is over. it is on friday, nightmare before xmas style. 12/23 at six below midnight. with our sexy pups DOG LORD and IT& I (the most incredible one man show you have ever laid peepers on) so i hope to see you there. I, neezy dynamite. will also be bringing my small batch winter collection clothing line for the cute bunnies who want to wear nice things. i just want to say that im very excited about this new EP that we just MADE for you. and ourselves.. ExPECT A SPRINGGGG TIME RELEASE. OF SUCH GLORY. 



its bubblegum doom time.


sign up for a good time

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