JAN 23 23


NEWS. first off. coffee can be dangerous depending on your ability to handle complicated heart rhythms.

also. PENNY TRUXX . NEW SINGLE from mini album that is upcoming. up and coming, coming up and at you will be out the same day as our fabulous show at The SIX. so come celebrate.. dress festive and bring balloons 

have surprise for you that day.

the track will premier on WHOA THiS IS HEAVY on freeformpdx. thank you GEOFF for that. 

also at The Six below midnight you will hear it mastered and also performed.

what more can you ask for?

oh one of a kind merch for sale? yip yip ! i hope you like neon. 

im feeling the vibe of the new mini record. its like neurosis meets my bloody valentine. thats the frequency its giving me. im very pleased with how mystery man Jeffy mixed it and recorded it using the most modern technology but also analogued it as one should. also we found a guy who does really great mastering. but this is all boring details that as a listener you dont think about . so anyway. skating season is upon us and so is penny truxx the full sung sing song. Remember how we used to perform it with not much lyrical action? well just you wait! 

love you all my sweet hearted balloon animals.



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